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To biblically expose, educate and empower.

IO is a faith based community of imperfect Christian men and women who support one another through the grace that Christ exemplified, learn from one another through sharing life's experiences as well as hold each other accountable through love as Christ instructed us...  


We feel like community is of the utmost importance. Being involved in a community such as IO provides brothers to walk through life with, whatever triumphs and challenges it may bring. It also provides buddies to hunt and fish or play a round of golf with. The men in the community are here for each other whatever. Sometimes we need understanding and grace, other times we might need a swift kick in the butt to get us in gear. What we always need is Love. God is Love. (1 John 4:8)


IO has weekly bible studies that give a chance to come together and learn about Christ with and through each other. There may be more than a few stories told of recent adventures from out in God’s creation. IO provides the place and the materials necessary for each study, so the men need only to show up. IO does not charge to be a member or for materials for the studies. We trust in the Lord's provision. We have a small library of great books and resources for men that is available for use free of charge. We ask that, when finished with the book it is either returned or passed on to someone else who could benefit. We would love nothing more than to have to restock the library on a regular basis.


Naturally built into a community such as IO, there is an element of service. When a brother needs help and reaches out to the community, help will be found. IO also seeks to serve those around us helping facilitate several Father/Son doe hunts each year and assist in other local charity events. Through mission trips, natural disaster relief and constant service opportunities IO is always looking to serve those in need . There is no better feeling than knowing you have made in impact in someones life.


“Immersion Outfitters provides a great and safe environment for many different types of topics to be discussed with other men.  IO has helped me gain different perspectives from others who are, or have been, through my current situation in life.  I have developed many new friendships through IO and look forward to what the future holds for this group.”

- Hector, IO Katy

"Love the brotherhood of these men of God! They are a blessing & the favor of God is evident in this ministry as they help train men to be the creation they were meant to be by their Creator for the honor & glory of Christ! Iron sharpens iron!"

- Joe, IO San Antonio

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